Goose hatched duck egg today...and now what?


10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
Well this is only my second 'natural' incubation experience with poultry. My African goose hatched out a duck egg today. Duckling is drying nicely and should be fully fluffed out by tomorrow. (It was a bit of a 'sticky chick', so I did gently 'brush' the feathers with a soft toothbrush a bit ago). The geese are in the same run as the ducks and chickens, and the goose is in the chicken coop. Since I really don't want a baby duckling slaughter, should I move mom and baby to the neighboring run tomorrow? Just trying to avoid tragedy here....
Well, now my bantam Frizzle hen (who was co-brooding with the goose) has stolen the duckling. Lol. This sounds like Days of Our Lives (in the Chicken Coop). Oh well, at least the Frizzle is a much better match weightwise.
I was just going to say don't tell the duckling it's not a goose but since now it thinks its a chicken that an entirely different problem.
So glad to know I am not the only one!

My Brown Chineese goose ( who I thought was male) hatched a duck egg. She kept stealing all the duck eggs and then rolling them ouf of the nest. I finally put her in the chicken coop with one egg and let her have at it. She hatched a beautiful little duckling and she was a very proud mom. The duck knew that was mom. To this day when she quacks it is loud and closer to the cadance of a goose honk than a duck quack. Too funny.

I did separate them for two weeks from any of the flock. I was afraid the chickens might pick on her and the ducks are free to come and go so I did not want to leave her unprotected in the duck house, so I moved them into the basement
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Well, the goose tried to come back into the picture but has no idea that Baby Duck is hers. She doesn't attack it, but doesn't really acknowledge it, either. The hen clucks to it as a hen clucks to babies, so I think they have that mom/baby bond going Well, this should be interesting. I am going to put them in my front garden for safety (and so I can watch them more closely, lol)
almost 4 years ago we traded 3 muscovy eggs for 1 emden goose egg, and slipped it under a muscovy hen, she hatched it and to this day they spend all their time together, sleep together and the bond is very strong.. he is very protective of his mommie too.. now wonder what mama hen will think when baby duck start swimming in the water bowls and such..
Well, now to further complicate the story...the goose is back, and now the Frizzle hen is sleeping under one wing of the goose and the duckling is under the other, lol! I need to get a picture! So, who knows what's going on?
That is some story - I would love to see pictures.... classic!

May they all live happily ever after (together)


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