Goose in da House!


10 Years
May 18, 2009
I posted a week or so ago about my gander taking over my gosling and ducklings I hatched in the incubator. He knows the routene now, the babies go out during the day, then we bring them in the house at night. In the morning when he is let out of the barn, he comes up to the deck and honks until we bring the babies out.

So this morning, I let him out and he goes up to the deck and a few minutes later I go inside. After a few minutes, I had to open the door to go out and I guess I didn't see how close he was to the door because as soon as I opened it he just came walking in the house! Walked right into the kitchen honk honk honk. My dogs didn't know what to think, they were all so good and kept at least a foot away the whole time. I went to pick him up and he kept on going, right through the living room, the family room, honking. It was like a parade, there was him, then me, and then all the dogs. Finally he went into the laundry room and I shut the door and it struck me as so funny. My husband come in, he saw none of this and I could barely tell him cause I was laughing, but told him his goose was in the laundry room. He was like, whaaat? Which made me laugh even more. He went in and picked up him and took him back outside and brought his babies to him.

Was an interesting start to the day.
Funny story thanks for sharing
I leave my back door open in warm weather and my geese will come parading into the house for a "visit". Sometimes one at a time or both Petey and Petey Girl (Lilly probably can't make it up the steps yet).

They parade through the kitchen, and if I forget to shut the baby gate, out into the dining room, then the living room. Petey Girl always ends up in the bathroom, for some reason. Petey Himself goes for the the television. Then, they call to each other.

Then, they meet up again and go back outside. There are usually a couple of squits to deal with, thank god I don't have carpet.
Geese in the house - Yes, Petey & the TV...when he's calling to Petey girl - he's asking her where the remote is. Meanwhile...she's in the bathroom - probably cleaning.

Based on my life - it all makes perfect sense to me...


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