Goose laying again can I move the eggs??? Help!!

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So I have a drake and a hen not sure what kind they are. They were given to me this spring. The hen set 3 eggs and hatched out one gosling but it disappeared. Now to my surprise she has started a new nest but in a really bad spot, in my brooder box ( that I hadn't cleaned out yet) and the box is in the alleyway of the barn ( I really was in the process of moving it)
. This pair are really protective of there nests, with the first one I had to carry a rake to block the bitting so I could give them water I eventually had to close the stall door so my kids wouldn't get attacked
. The brooder box (with nest inside) is in my Chicken area of the barn with my chickens pens being right behind the box now the geese are trashing my chicken wire trying to chase the chickens away
To top it all off I have week old chicks in my living room that I will be moving to the barn and into the brooder box but the nest is in there.
What I was wondering is, if I kinda scoop the shavings and eggs out of the box and put them in a different box and move that to a new location will she stop laying and abandon them? If so I do have a incubator and although hubby said no more for the winter I could throw these in
. I would like for her to do it on her own though. She only has 2 or 3 eggs laid so far.

Please help !!
I would take those eggs and put them in a safe place. Could you then lock her in a stall for a couple of days until she made a nest there? If she starts a nest in a more acceptable spot, you could then add the first eggs to that clutch. I didn't check out your location. It's pretty late in the year to be raising goslings in Canada. You'd have to knit foot and bill warmers for the goslings.
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