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11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
I have 3 indian runner ducks. I love the looks of the sebastopol goose. From what little info I've looked up so far, they seem like a decent goose.
But I don't want 2.
So question 1 - can you just have 1?
If yes - then:
Can you just have 1 and get it to live happily with a few indian runners (if I order one, i would order another runner as well)?
Would I need to worry about a goose with runner ducks??
What's the difference between boy/girl in geese - is there a reason for one gender over another (quieter goes better with DH).
Good sites for sebastopol info?
I had a single Canada goose with my call ducks. It was fine the first year, she seemed to bond with one of the hens. Then breeding season came. She was very confused by the mating and actually came close to killing one of the drakes that tried to breed "her" hen. So I would suggest getting 2, even the same sex would be fine. Geese are social and need other geese.
I vote no. Please get two - or none at all. They'll be so much happier, and your risk of getting problems with the goose coping with the ducks will be so much smaller.

Females tend to be less aggressive and a tad quieter than ganders. AND you'll get eggs!

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