Goose with pnemonia!

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    Mar 4, 2010
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    She's at the vet tonight and they are giving her antibiotics. I believe they are putting her in an oxygen room, or at least she was put in one earlier. She's my 2 month old buff dewlap toulouse and she started having breathing problems about a week ago. She couldn't even stand still this morning, relaxed, without gasping and panting for air. I thought perhaps she might have had gapeworm or something but I wasn't sure. The vet says pnemonia. I haven't wormed my birds this year yet because I could only find a brand that doses for 100 chickens and I don't want to overdose my birds. Esp. since all my geese drink out of a creek and not out of a waterer. But I was thinking of doing Dicatomous Earth because we also have an ant problem in the sheds.

    Does anyone know, other then antibiotics, what should be done for a goose with pnemonia?

    Thank you.

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