9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
I have on gander, am Embden. He will be Christmas dinner, so I've been hands off with him, so he isn't friendly and I'm not attached.

Anyway, he seems to be the barnyard playground monitor. He gets...upset, when my ducks start boinking. And you know how ducks are, they do it a lot. He'll run up to the couple, honking and trying to shove the drake off. He doesn't try and mate, just blocks it when others do.

He even does it when the chickens go at it! At least they are quicker, the roosters are more likely to 'hit and run' so they're done before the goose gets to them. But if they take their time, then the goose will try to remove the rooster from the hen.

Is this...normal?
Quite normal at my house. I call my mob the geese police and always say they are enforcing the pond morality code.

They don't like any funny business going on while they are around and exhibit the exact behaviors you have described on a daily basis. They even police each other to a point. Specifically, I have one mated pair from last season and one confused Toulouse who thinks a Khaki Campbell duck is his mate. If any other gander tries to mate my original goose, other than her mate, that unlucky fellow is not only "discouraged" by the lady's preferred gander, but by the bulk of the flock. Also, when the Toulouse gander tries to mate his duck, it seems to irritate the other geese as well and the go "save" her.
My ducks have been busy a lot these last few weeks and the geese do the same thing at my house. It looks like they are trying to break up a fight and will push the drake off the duck. This is worse with the Muscovys because they are mating on the ground and the geese will rush over honking and pushing until the Drake moves on. The poor duck is pushed hard against the ground until its over (geese pushing down on the Drake) - the girls are all covered in mud - I feel sorry for them.

This is my first year with the ducks and am surprised that the Muscovys are mating and laying eggs in November (Ducks born in May 2012). I have not seen any mating going on with the geese as of yet (also born in May 2012).
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This has become the new duty of my gander. He feels that there should be no funny business around here. It is very comical.
I have one drake, 9 ducks, 1 white chinese goose, one embden goose, and an embden gander. My drake and my one white chinese goose were brooder-mates and were raised together. Until recently, they were best friends. However, my drake has started showing interest in the ladies recently, and my white chinese goose is NOT a fan of that. She tries to chase him away from his ladies. However, he's started chasing her right back, so they've almost made a game of "tag" out of it, and it all starts with the drake showing interest in a specific lady. My embden geese have even started participating in the game... When my drake starts chasing my white chinese goose, the embdens start running as well! Silly birds!

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