Gosling ID Update: What the Heck is Merlin???


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May 19, 2017
Hi Ya'll :)

I'm back again with some better pictures of Merlin. I had posted a thread on here before about trying to figure out what type of goose Merlin, my gosling, is, and I had received an answer about him possibly being Toulouse. My mom wanted me to post another thread to see if anyone would be willing to help use figure out what he is now that he is finally getting some feathers and experiencing some color changes. I'll add pictures below!
IMG_20170527_201202_074 (1).jpg

His legs were completely black two weeks ago, but now they are becoming more and more pink, as well as his beak. He is finally getting his lil' baby feathers as well! Hopefully these updated pictures and answers can set my mom at ease ^^ She loves him, calls him her "Grandgoose", and would be heartbroken, as would I, if he wasn't a domestic breed we could legally keep :/

Thanks all!!

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