Gosling In Trouble


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
One of the goslings that hatched late yesterday is fluffy and dried and did seem to be doing fine but noticed a while a go he started this gasping thing. Every breath seems deliberated.

She hatched 1 Sunday and 1 Early Monday - they are two ahead of this one. She is still hatching 1 is coming out now and others are picking holes - this has been going on for 48 hours now. I think she might have stepped on him or crowded him.... smushed him?

What should I do - take him out and give him some Sav-A-Chik (quik-chik) or is he too young to drink?

Anybody know what's going on or have this happen and what to do??
Geese are notorious for stepping on goslings. Take him/her out and try the Quick Chick. Keep warm and dry. He was most likely smushed and may not make it, but at least you give the gosling a chance with isolation and care.
The little gosling gasping didn't make it and died the same day.

I have one that is acting funny this morning now. It's just standing there -not eating not drinking - just standing.

See my post in Emergencies if you can help>

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