Got a 2 day old chick that doesn't poop, why?


10 Years
Mar 31, 2009
Woodville, Al
I have a lone 2 day old chick, it seems normal, chirps quite a bit but if I go hold and play with it it quiets down. Problem is it has only pooped twice in 2 days. I have seen it pecking at its food & water, not alot though. No pasty but or any thing like that. Is this a problem? Most of my older chicks pooped the brains out at this age or so it seemed. Maybe it just seems that way to me because there was more of them. Several more of them. All in all should I be worried? Should I massage its bum like you do puppies to get them to poo ?
considering a lot of the chicks are shipped and don't eat anything for the first 2 days or so is this really a problem? I don't know since mine were from TSC-just putting it out there.
Nope its belly looks and feels normal. & just incase it matters, the crop feels normal also. Actually all seems normal just no poop.
Hello, wet the food with a little water. Sometimes the crumbles are a little too big for them. Sounds like its not eating alot. If it doesn't eat alot, it doesn't poop alot..

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