Got a call from the company yesterday...UPS here today...

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    Apr 20, 2010
    For those of you who were giving help and support during my first 2 hatches (only 2 hatches so far) here's an update. I had received a LG still incubator for Christmas from my thoughtful hubby. I was thrilled. I followed the instructions to the tee...I'm kinda a stickler about reading the instructions.


    I set it up for a trial run. No heat from the heating element. DH took it back and got a replacement.


    Ok...I tried again. Set it up for trial run. Works great! Set a dozen eggs from our mixed flock. Saw movement and brought the "excitement of hatching" into the Science classes of 2 of the kids. Everyone's excited and anxious. Day 18 got up and getting ready for candling and lockdown. Heating element broke... killed the hatch. [​IMG]

    Kids heartbroken...I'm frustrated. Call the manufacturer and they say, "Gee don't know why...we'll send a replacement". Ok.

    Replacement comes in the mail, promptly.


    Set it up..trial run. Works good for a few days. Set 24 eggs from our mixed flock. (Even a couple of my blue and green eggs from EE's)

    High School Science Class comes along for the incubation ride. We see movement on candling, excited. Life is good! [​IMG] Everything going well. Day 18 good to lockdown. Day 20... heating element goes. Losing heat fast. Tried using heat lamp to keep it going. End result...lost all chicks. 4 were in ready to hatch but died in shells.


    Sent a complaint email to the company. Told them that after 3 failures I thought the only good place for their product would be a landfill... [​IMG]

    Got a call yesterday from the company. Blah...blah...blah... they wanted to send for the incubator and see "what happened" to it. UPS came today to pick it up. I am not sure if they thought calling me would change me story...but I told the saleslady exactly what I thought of their product and that if I were in charge of a company I'd be figuring out why their incubators are such failures. I don't know if it'll make a difference but at least I know I got the info to them... Now I'm saving up for a Brinsea octagon 20 w/turner. [​IMG]
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    Man thats bad... Odd though? Usually the heating element is the most reliable part of an LG.... Not that that's a good thing...
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    same thing happened to me, switched to a hovabator, will never get an LG again
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    Sorry to hear that, another LG saga starting, need I say more?
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    Just a thought and question. Did you have it plugged into a surge protector or just into an outlet. Could it be possible that a power surge is causing the problem? I keep mine plugged into a surge protector for that reason. My incubator is only homemade so I can't say anything good or bad about the LG.
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    Honestly Do you have a voltmeter to see if your outlet is not running too hot?

    You did change outlets after the second hatch- or was that someone else?
  7. HorseFeatherz NV

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    Wow, [​IMG] I love my LG. Course mine is a bit older than new - purchased it almost two years ago from a nice lady who had used it for a couple years. She had purchased it used also. [​IMG]

    Hope they are able to give you some answers.

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