Got a call from the company yesterday...UPS here today...


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For those of you who were giving help and support during my first 2 hatches (only 2 hatches so far) here's an update. I had received a LG still incubator for Christmas from my thoughtful hubby. I was thrilled. I followed the instructions to the tee...I'm kinda a stickler about reading the instructions.


I set it up for a trial run. No heat from the heating element. DH took it back and got a replacement.


Ok...I tried again. Set it up for trial run. Works great! Set a dozen eggs from our mixed flock. Saw movement and brought the "excitement of hatching" into the Science classes of 2 of the kids. Everyone's excited and anxious. Day 18 got up and getting ready for candling and lockdown. Heating element broke... killed the hatch.

Kids heartbroken...I'm frustrated. Call the manufacturer and they say, "Gee don't know why...we'll send a replacement". Ok.

Replacement comes in the mail, promptly.


Set it up..trial run. Works good for a few days. Set 24 eggs from our mixed flock. (Even a couple of my blue and green eggs from EE's)

High School Science Class comes along for the incubation ride. We see movement on candling, excited. Life is good!
Everything going well. Day 18 good to lockdown. Day 20... heating element goes. Losing heat fast. Tried using heat lamp to keep it going. End result...lost all chicks. 4 were in ready to hatch but died in shells.


Sent a complaint email to the company. Told them that after 3 failures I thought the only good place for their product would be a landfill...

Got a call yesterday from the company. Blah...blah...blah... they wanted to send for the incubator and see "what happened" to it. UPS came today to pick it up. I am not sure if they thought calling me would change me story...but I told the saleslady exactly what I thought of their product and that if I were in charge of a company I'd be figuring out why their incubators are such failures. I don't know if it'll make a difference but at least I know I got the info to them... Now I'm saving up for a Brinsea octagon 20 w/turner.
Just a thought and question. Did you have it plugged into a surge protector or just into an outlet. Could it be possible that a power surge is causing the problem? I keep mine plugged into a surge protector for that reason. My incubator is only homemade so I can't say anything good or bad about the LG.
I love my LG. Course mine is a bit older than new - purchased it almost two years ago from a nice lady who had used it for a couple years. She had purchased it used also.

Hope they are able to give you some answers.
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