Got a chook being left out.


Oct 13, 2018
So im very new to this thread and im not one to use forums but im kinda desperate so here i go.

I raised 2 baby silkie chooks. (was told they were both hens) but one ended up being a rooster so eventually he had to go because i live in the suburbs. I kept my lovely silkie hen. Very tame. But she needed friends so we bought another 2 silkie hens around the same age. But for a couple of days now im seeing my tame silkie left out and running away from the other two, sitting by herself and looking very lonely. I understand theres a pecking order and one of the chooks gives her a nip now and then but im starting to get worried. Anyone have any advice? or tips i could use to fix this? Do i need a fourth chook to even it out? should i replace the one picking on her?


Apr 6, 2016
SW France
She is probably feeling a bit down and yes left out as the other 2 know each other. You could try separating out the one pecking (Is it just normal stuff or extreme?) even just for the day to allow her time to get to know the other. How long have you had the other 2? It does take a bit of time. A 4th could help but may make things worse too! I'm sure others with more experience than me will be along.


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Feb 6, 2016
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give them all time to get used to each other. Watch them to see which one is doing the bullying. If she draws blood separate her in a dog crate, or some other enclosure with water and food and in view of the others. After a few days let the 'bully' back with the others. Hopefully she will stop bullying...


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Feb 2, 2009
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Welcome to the forum, glad you joined.

It sounds like they are pretty young. You say about the same age, not sure how much difference there really is. Sometimes age difference is important, sometimes not. How integration goes can depend on the individual personalities of the chickens involved. Sometimes it is simple and easy, sometimes it get complicated.

Unless you just absolutely want another chicken I would not get another to try to fix this problem. It might help or it could make matters worse. I don't see this as much of a problem anyway. I consider an integration successful as long as no one gets hurt. It sounds like you have achieved that. They will eventually work out their difference and become one flock. That may be later today, it may be weeks away. But they will eventually get there. Let them manage that on their own.

I don't know what your set-up looks like. I'd provide feed and water in two separate locations to avoid conflict. A form of setting the pecking order can involve intimidation, they may keep her away from food and water. Other than that give them room and time.

Good luck!


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May 23, 2017
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Get a really good treat, i'm talking good like live mealworms not dried and feed them all together. A shared extremely tasty feeding experience can sometimes trick them into forgetting they don't really know each other. Nobody cares about the new kid if there are treats to be had! Be sure to use live ones! The wiggling is a really, really good distraction.:)


Apr 6, 2016
SW France
Okay thanks everyone :D Its only been 24 hours i just wasn't 100% what was happening. Its nothing extreme just a peck.
Ahhhh well if that is all then ignore my first ideas - it is really early days and they will sort it out if they are already only getting on with the odd peck :lol:

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