Got a question concerning 3 breeds...


9 Years
Oct 29, 2010
Chickamauga GA

Got a question for the chicken peoples..... I have 2 Bantam Cochin hens, 2 Silkie hens and about 18 Serama hens, my question is will my 10 x 20 be big enough for all of the girls and will they all get along? Don't want any problems, wasn't sure if the Cochins or Silkies would hurt the smaller Seramas. I have some smaller cages that my husband built and I plan on using those for the guys. How much space does a Bantam Cochin and Silkie Roo need? Thanks for any advice you can give. We are scheduled to have our first frost and possible freeze tonight so I am trying to get everyone ready for the winter.
Is the 10x20 just a coop or a coop and run? How old are the birds? Anytime you add birds together they will establish their pecking order, so please be advised there will be some fighting. Also was the coop already occupied by any of these birds or is it new to everyone?

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