Got an idea for an iPhone app?


11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Dallas, Texas
As some of you guys may know, I know how to program.

I've programmed for computers, Palm OS, PSP, blah blah blah.
My next goal is to program for the iPhone and get some apps on the app store.
Anyone have any ideas for apps?
I've thought of a few including an egg calendar to help you keep track of your egg income and the eggs you sell and eggs you eat.
Also, I want to make one for hatching eggs. To keep track of which day your clutch is on and to alert you when to candle your eggs and maybe give you like a 'tip of the day.'
I didn't know that Safari had issues with PunBB..

Well, under the licensing agreement of Apple Inc., you can't include code within your programs that interprets Javascript. So, no 3rd party browsers...
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Java is used for regular viewing?

Safari doesn't have issues it just doesn't reformat the text for easier viewing.

I love the Facebook app for the iPhone. A simple vs of that for BYC would rock.

Oh well, I tried.

How bout something like "The chicken that lives in my iPhone" app?
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Actually, Javascript is completely different than Java. They are in two totally different realms. You could make a game with Java for the iPhone if you had a Java player.
And I thought hard about a mini-BYC and it would be possible. But, it would also be possible to make a lite version and have it up on the server so all you have to do is go to or something like MySpace and Facebook have.
And.... I thought about a pet chicken game for the iPhone. I was thinking about calling it Cock in my Pocket.

It would be a mix of a soundboard and Tamagachi.
I'm not Java literate any more and please don't make me want to read up on it. Last time I seriously programmed anything (unless you count PLCs or dBase) I used Pascal and was sitting in a college lab.

Make a chicken app. I'm not sure if it would make you rich but it would be fun at parties.
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Definitely, I'll release a chicken app.

I just need a few more ideas just in case there's a problem with the others I have.
Meanwhile, back at the original subject of iPhone app creation. I would be interested in a iPoultry program. Tracking eggs by chicken (I only have six), feed purchases, last time the coop was cleaned (I DLM, so cleaning isn't as often).
What else do I need to track with my hens?

I'm not a code warrior at all. But I do have an app on iTunes. (I invented the game and did the graphics, my friend coded it.)

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