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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by bryan99705, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Here we get clouds of bugs [​IMG] , yea I know, it feeds the millions of ducks and geese here but they're a big issue to people and critters. Just recently I heard two of them talking abd one ask if they should eat me here or take me back to the nest. The other one answered "we need to eat him here, if we take him back the big guys will take him away from us!"

    Seriously though, after getting tired of constantly having to spray down in Off to go outside [​IMG] , I simply put up a swallow house, some call it a martin house! I set it up in a quiet but large open area that's away from the house a little and they moved in the next spring, the difference is UNBELIEVABLE! We got our yard back! [​IMG] But since 1 bird can eat up to 10,000 bugs a day and there are at least 8 active couple moved in it's not suprising. Plus we get to watch them swoop and fly as they gather bugs [​IMG] and the stray chicken feathers for their nest, great relaxing fun.

    It's a win win since the bugs are down(nearly gone), no poisons are used [​IMG] , I don't have to feed them, and we get the entertainment, it's great. [​IMG] Only drawback is you have to have a wide open space and don't get too close to the nest area or you might get swooped at! [​IMG] But that a small price to pay and why the pole is tall and posted away from the house.

    Just a fun natural bug control idea
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    This is great advice! And if you don't have open spaces, bird feeders around your yard will encourage other varieties of birds to live in your yard. Most of them are great bugeaters. My yard is wooded and was skeeter heaven until I started feeding. Although I keep my feeders filled and the birds feed year round, our bug population is waaaay down. And, my chickens LOVE stinkbugs!!!
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    Or a Bat house,.. they work as well as the Martins, but at night, and you don't have to have the open spaces,.. works great here in the swamps!

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