got my first babies

Discussion in 'Geese' started by pinkfoxfarm, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Dandelion and Burdock


    they are grey saddleback Pomeranians, couple days old (still have that pointy little hook lol) and im absolutly SMITTEN with them.
    they are very imprinted on humans, i walk intot he roomand there peeping for me, i let them out of the brooder to run around and stretch and there on me or following me, (they like to sit on my shoulders!)

    now this is absolutly wonderfull NOW while there itty bitty babies, but i also know that too much cuddle time for baby geese can result in adult geese who dont respect their human flock keepers, and this is not somehting i want to do to them, i want them to be sweet and friendly, but they also NEED to respect me as thier human.
    so how much baby-ing is too much at this age, the brooder is currently set up in the back bedroom, there very comfortable temperature wise, food water, and eachother...and i go in there about 4 times a day and sit with them for a good 1/2 an hour jus tletting them climb on me, play with my earings and snuggle in my lap. is this too much coddling?!

    I dont know what sexes they are, there was 10 babies unsexed and i just picked the 2 that i was visually attrated to the most, im HOPING that through some miracle i picked myself a pair. does anyone have any good info on vent sexing goslings that are a few days old. i know how to do ducklings in the first few days, and applied the same methods to these 2 yesterday but i feel like im not "spreading" properly (or i have 2 girls lol)
    these babies werehatched over the last 2-3 days.
    I know poms cant be visually sexed, but dandelion has pink legs and less black on the beak, and Burdock has more black on the beak and darker/mottled (grey/pink) legs.

    either way, if there 2 girls, just means i need to find myself a male in the spring...if there a pair YAY...and if there both boys, it just means i need ot get more LOL
    once they are ready to move outside they will be sharing space in the rabbitry with 6 indian runner ducks, but as i get more of my property fenced and secure they will have dedicated space in the orchard for breding season, and then pretty much free range over 4 1/2 acres during the day the rest of the year. eventually id like a flock of 1/2 a dozen birds and i like the idea of raising a breed listed as critical on the ALBC list. plus i think they are beautiful!
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  2. Oregon Blues

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    They are darling. As far as I know, the bill color isn't going to help you.
  3. Miss Lydia

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    They are precious. and how can there be too much cuddling with baby goslings?
  4. pinkfoxfarm

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    hard to belive how fast these little things grow...i swear theyve doubled in size since saturday!

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