got my first egg today!


5 Years
Sep 17, 2014
I just got set up and received my first girls 2 days ago. 2 delaware, 1 golden laced wyandotte all 1 yr of age and 5 pullets which include 2 black australorp and 3 rhode island reds aged about 5 months. This morning I got an egg and a delaware is on the nest now. I'm so excited to have fresh, yellow yolked eggs. Quite an expense initially but so sick of pale cardboard flavored supermarket eggs. They are fun , really dumb. would like to find out if anyone in oklahoma has black giants, australorps or marans for sale, young but not chicks as don't have a clue about raising babies yet. I'm in Pryor, Oklahoma. Please advise.
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Congrats on the new flock and that first egg!! Yes, nothing better than home grown eggs right from under the hen!! Keep in mind that chickens do not like to be moved to a new home. And what you are getting now may have already been in the pipes. Hens can stop laying for a few weeks after a move. Sometimes they do continue however. So if you stop getting the eggs all of a sudden here in the next day or so, this is what is going on. Stress of moving. :)

You might stop by your state thread and chat with your chicken neighbors to see if anyone nearby may have these birds or know where you can get them....

Enjoy your new flock, all those home grown farm fresh eggs and welcome to our flock!
thanks, what kind of chickens do you have? I'm like a sponge at this point for information, winging it so to speak
Yes, I have learned so much from the forum and mostly from the threads here. We had chickens when I was small but didn't remember much as we only had them a short time, I think the poop got the best of my mom. She threw up of a kitten had a runny eye.LOL
Tell me about the black australorps, I really like these two pullet and they are larger than the same aged RIR. thanks
Welcome to BYC!
We're glad to have you.

I've never personally raised Black Australorp, so I can't really help you much there. But, if you want to learn more about them, there are lots of helpful reviews in the Breeds section:

Many other members, including TwoCrows, who posted above, have kept Australorps and can help you out, too.
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