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May 2, 2008
Weymouth, Massachusetts
I finally got my first egg, my black stars are 24 weeks old today and when I went to open the coop to let them out there was one sitting in a nest box.
Everyone else jumped out but her, so I quickly shut the door and crossed my fingers.
A few minutes later I heard her thumping at the door to come out.
Opened the door, and TADA!!! I have an egg!

I have two flocks one group is 20 weeks and one is 24 weeks old and I was beginning to think it was never going to happen.
I let them free range all day long, make them hot mash on those cold mornings, bring them treats, oyster shells, you name it. I was like can life be any better for you? Do you want cash or what?!
But all my efforts were rewarded, its a perfect egg and I gotta tell you it wasn't as small as I thought a pullet egg would be. It wasn't a bad size at all.
My kids were so excited, I am glad that it happend on a weekend when they could be home.

I also have some BBS eggs in the bator from Miss. Prissy and today is day 21 and I am impatiently awaiting a pip.
I candled them all and they looked great, but maybe they are napping, since not a pip yet.
Today would be a great day if those hatched on the same day I got my first egg wouldn't it.?!


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
Congrats on your first egg!


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Aug 31, 2008
East TN
Congratulations on your first egg!

My brother-in-law is part of our chicken family (he's trying to incubate some right now). When our Reds first starting laying, he was all excited and happy. He went to FL for a week and while he was gone one of our Silkies laid - a first for us. I took the egg and sat it aside, meaning to show my brother-in-law as soon as he got back.

A couple of nights later he comes back to town and heads over to check on the chickens and bees (the bees live with us but belong to him). I was so excited to show him the egg from the Silkie but couldn't find it. My husband, no lie, was preparing supper that night. I asked him if he had seen the egg and he looks down at the skillet - yep, he fried up our very first Silkie egg!

Somehow I think Blondie the Silkie knew about that because she hasn't given us another egg!

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