Got my first egg!


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5 Years
Jul 29, 2014
Soooo excited!!

My first born gorgeous pure white coturnix laid an eggie for me! She was a preemie - born on the 14th day! She is exactly 6 weeks old today!

Love my quails!!

So um, I feel silly asking this question but here goes:

  • Do I wash the egg so the outside shell is clean? Or does it matter?
  • How long do they last for? 7 days? 2 weeks? Before they go bad, while refrigerated. Like an expiry date...
They can last 30-40 days on the counter (at a reasonable temp obviously) before taste or dehydration become an issue. In the fridge the sky is the limit kinda.They are coated naturally with something called the "bloom". It is a mostly bacteria proof coating and you are best off leaving it on as was mentioned before. You can scrape any feces or dirt stuck to the egg or sand it gently with emery cloth. If you want to wash, wash right before use as the previous poster mentioned. Quail eggs can also be freely consumed raw. Quail do not possess salmonella in their digestive tract like chickens do.

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