Got my MM chicks today


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All are doing well except one buff brahma that is spraddle legged. Im not sure if that one will make it or not...all the others seem fine. I havent yet figured out exactly what I have, I ordered 25 and have 27. Im pretty sure I have an extra buff orp, which doesnt break my heart in the least. All the rest look like little fuzzy chipmunks, some with fuzzy legs (dark brahmas). Im not 100% who is who yet; Im sure Ill find out soon enough.
Hi Halo, good luck with your new chicks, I hope everything works out well with the spraddle legged one.
I received mine on Sunday, was expecting them monday, I kinda wasn`t ready yet, but I pulled it off and everyhings fine. Some of mine had a pinkish blotch of ink on their butts and there was some of that ink in the bottom of the box on the hay stuff. what is that ink? Also my "surprise chick" I`m thinking is just an extra one of the breeds I ordered, cause NONE of the chicks look at all different. oh well. time will tell.
again good luck!!! Tony
Congratulations on your chicks!! I was expecting mine today, but they didn't arrive, they will be here tomorrow. My fault, I assumed since we were only one state away that they would arrive the next day. Apparently not! Hope mine are all doing well also!
Congrats on your new chicks, everyone! Isn't spring fun for us chicken-lovers!!???

Halo, spraddle leg is usually easy to rectify. Have you used the search function? There are several posts that show you exactly how to brace the legs. . .

Thanks, Lori, that was very helpful. I came home during lunch to see how she was doing, and she's doing better already. Standing much firmer, tho she and the other little buff brahma seem a little "slower" than the others.

I finally got to counting, and they sent 27. They sent an extra buff orp, which is easy to tell. I can't tell what the other extra one is. Im still sorting out what I have. Their catalog is so helpful, since they have pictures of what the chicks look like.
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I called Murray McMurray to let them know all the chicks arrived in great shape. I asked the gal how old these guys are. She said the hatches are scheduled for Friday into Saturday. As soon as they are dry, they are sexed, boxed, and out by Saturday morning. So when they arrived to me this morning, they were 3 days old. Is it not amazing that they can barely be hatched, crammed into boxes, and send out into the cold cruel world, traveling for several days, and arriving all in one piece?


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