Got my pigeons stolen...


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9 Years
Jul 24, 2010
Tamworth, NSW
well, i had them in a cage in my yard, and there war a carabina type lock on the front, which screws on, and when i went to give them some food this morning, and the cage door was open, lock on the ground next to it, and pigeons, needless to say, were missing. i'm so heart broken, even though everyone says they were 'just birds', i just got them last week, and i miss my racing homers.
Thats sad
I hope you get somemore or they are found ,I wonder who would do it?Did you take finger prints
Thats really bad news, seems like theres more and more thefts happening all the time... I had a bunch of my birds stolen a few years ago, turned out to be a friend and bird breeder who lived not far from me, can you believe that?
Sadly enough, when pigeons are stolen it's frequently the guy who was in your yard or the person that you compete against.

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