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    Hey hey, I have a question for ya'll. Does anyone here own an oilskin coat/jacket/duster?

    I'm thinking of getting one. I need a new coat this winter. I do tend to layer up underneath a canvas sort of coat, rather than get a giant, poofy, down stuffed jacket that is only good for JUST the winter. Being able to take a liner out of a coat, so it can be used as a lighter coat for the warmer seasons is nice.

    Which is why I am thinking an oilskin coat might be a good fit for my needs. They seem rugged and able to withstand harsh conditions, like the winter here. And I am quite rough on garments. I kinda like the cleaning directs on them, everywhere says to just hose the muck off!

    If you own one, do you have any likes or dislikes about them? How is the wear and tear value? Did the oil/wax proofing of the oilskin last long before needing redone? Do you think it is comfortable, flexible? How well can you layer cloths under yours?

    If you're reading this and have no idea what I am talking about, this is what an oilskin coat is. Kind of a long trenchcoat with an oil/wax based waterproofing in the fabric.
  2. I have one of these, but mine is called a dry as a bone.
    I don't wear it out or on a regular basis ( to heavy ). But when it is pouring with rain I love to put on my wellies and run out into the rain to save my drowning

    It is very tough and I got it handed down to me by my neighbor who used to use it when he was doing forestry ( in all conditions ) and it still has it's oily cover and its tough as nails.

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