Got Rain???


9 Years
Apr 13, 2010
Holy cow!!! First we get lots of snow this winter and now we are getting lots of rain dumped on us today into tomorrow. The chicken run looks like a swimming pool. Thank goodness I spent the afternoon yesterday completely cleaning out the tractor and putting fresh litter and de down. The girls are in lockdown today and probably tomorrow and are NOT happy about it. However, I dont want foot problems so they will stay dry against their will. Did throw in some bribes (mustard greens and boss) so they would have something to do. Hoping my basement doesnt flood. Everything is melting at once!!! I hope everyone else on the east coast is doing okay. May your cheeps stay dry!!!
More rain than we know what to do with! I'm in Va and I don't think it has stopped raining for like a week now! We're all going to float away if it doesn't end soon! Oh and the wind! Jeeeeeze! 35+ mph on a regular basis, with gust up to 70+mph!!
We have been almost drowned here in Pulaski Co, VA. Found all the holes in the chicken coop roof. LOL. Just hope it drys up this weekend so I can get some work done.

We are in the Hudson Valley New York region and it is just pouring here! I have the pump ready to go but the snow seems to be soaking up quite a bit. If it warms up, we will be pumping. My girls are cosy in their tractor but my lone hatchling is very unhappy in her brooder box! She is chirping away and only wants to be held. I put a stuffed bear in there as well as other stuff but she prefers to be with me. I hope this stuff passes soon and it warms up so I can finish my coop!
Hey Sparky2726 you're the closest person to me I've seen on here! I'm in Floyd Co, matter of fact we can go up on one of the hills on the farm and see the lights in Pulaski!! I was beginning to think I was the only person on here from our side of VA! Yay!!

Sorry to intrude with my off topic comment. My apologies got a little excited!
I know where Hiwassee is, but to be honest I don't know where Austinville is, or that their is a poultry/goat auction. But sounds like something I should really check out!
What breeds do you have? Right now I have LF Buff Brahma's, Dominique's, Wyandettes, and Speckled Sussex.
Rain? Oh yeah. Since the first of the year we've had rain 89 out of the last 69 days. Ok, well maybe not that much, but it sure feels like it. I farm a bit so I sure hope there's a good market for mud, because that's about all I'm raising right now.

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