Got some eggs in the mail this morning!!!


12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
I heard the mail truck stop out on the road and new something was in it for me!!! Last week I got an order of eggs from a seller on ebay...I bought 15 eggs they sent 20. But 10 of those were cracked or broken. I saved 4 of them with the candle wax method and asked the seller if they would send me the 10 eggs that broke. They said if you pay 5 bucks for shipping we will send you 10 more eggs....well they sent 20 and one of the eggs is WHITE which I think might be kind of uncommon in cortunix eggs. And then I bought 15 more eggs from a different seller on ebay and those also arrived...only 1 broken. So here are some pics...letting them set before I place them in the incubator. I also have 14 eggs already in there that I set yesterday.
Thanks yall!!



Hmmmm...a mystery chick will appear from that white eggie! Sam for the info on the quail....I'll let you know if I decide to try....
No Prob tuff! LOL I hope it is a hen that hatches out of that egg...and I hope she will lay white eggs. Im also expecting Quail egg racks for my turner so Im glad these got here today...hopefully the egg racks will get here tomorrow or maybe even today.
They are Jumbo Cortunix Quail. I really enjoy hatching and raising gamebirds.
It is just plain awesome!

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