Got the first batch in the oven!


12 Years
Oct 3, 2007
I set 12 dozen eggs Wed. evening. Thought that ought to give me a decent idea of what's fertile and whats not, LOL

I put 25 pekin & welsh harlequin ducks, 6 dozen buff orps, isa browns & a few mutts, and 4 dozen ameraucana and some mutts.
Then, the Royal palm turkey started laying right good (5 eggs in 7 days!), so i'm gonna toss them in in about a week or so. I finally figured out a way to get the other critters to stop eating her egg

I'm off on spring break from my other job this week, so i'll have PLENTYYYYYYYYYY of time to candle those...144 eggs

The 25 courtnix quail i got from MSU were a bust. One hatched, 4 more pipped and died, the rest i didn't check and tossed. Figured it was something i did with humidity, so i'm using the BIG incubator for this batch, it does a decent job, little room for screwup!

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