Got to watch today's egg laying :)


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
It was very neat to see our egg being laid today. I expected it to be a noisy event but it really wasn't, almost no noise at all. (like the 1st and 2nd eggs - never heard a thing) I didn't realize what all the hen goes through during laying. Looks similar to a woman in labor ... hopefully not as uncomfortable! LOL I also didn't know that hens "puff-up" when they lay. I watched ours literally puff out her feathers until she was TWICE her normal size, filled most of the laying box. Then you could see her dip her back end down towards the bottom of the box and a few minutes later she was normal size again.
I assume that was the point when she actually laid the egg.
Really cool to see.
It's amazing isn't it? I once saw one hen who was just walking around, doing a slow forage, and she stooped and dropped an egg, and just kept walking. Other hens are super-elaborate in their preparation. I have one old hen who has never been broody (she is 7). Every time she lays an egg (she still lays), she purrs at it and tries to make a nest out of straw and litter for it. After about 40 minutes, she gets up and walks away without a second thought. They sure are fascinating, aren't they?
Mine are shy if I happen to peek in the coop when they are laying they hop up and run out. I've learned to check before I look inside. I hate to chase them off.
Aemelia - mine is just the opposite! She actually popped out of the box when I first came to check on her because she WANTS the attention. LOL I felt bad because when I looked in on her in the box she kind of cooed and hoped out of the box and over to the door because she wanted to come out and get my attention. I had to hide around the corner of her cage and peek to watch her.
Mine sing the egg song too! OY! They even get the roos in there singing along-it it so loud LOL. I'm going to record them for my ringtone. We were switching coops and the girls got confused, one girl was nearly straight up and down, and I put my hand under her bottom and the egg dropped in my hand. Better than the ground!
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