GQF 1502 LCD temp way off in bottom


13 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Rigby, Id
hello I have the 1502 lcd gqf. My temp on the top is 99.5 the temp on the bottom is 98.2. The fan is properly working and I am kinda at a loss. I have a really accurate thermostat to check it with. Herostat thermometer for reptiles. Any suggestions? I turn the temp up to 101.5-102.0 and still am only able to accomplish 99.0. I’m concerned that my hatching will be affected. Any suggestions? I have all the vents closed except the intake for fresh air. I have thought about closing them off but it is contraindicated in the manual. Help I have contacted them and am waiting a response.
There is a difference from top to bottom. It never seems to make a difference in mine, but I have 1202's.

If you run a probe in and keep the doors closed you may find it not as severe a difference as you think now.
The main problem I have is I need to set every egg i produce. I set typically every Sunday Hut with the temp I am getting chicks to hatch on day 23-24 at a low rate. It’s been 3 years and same results. I have trusted the thermostat until I decided to start getting things ready for this hatch season. I have two thermometers i the incubator as well as the incubators lcd screen and thermostat. Bottom reads 98.2 when tip reads 99.5. I increase the thermostat to 101.5 and the top reads 100.2 and bottom is 99.1. Hatching is prolonged and humidity has to be elevated for longer then three days which affects the eggs set at a later date.

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