GQF Cabinet Incubator


Rebuilding my Farm
9 Years
Dec 30, 2010
Sparta, MI
I have too many incubators and I have downsized the number of my flock, so I am selling some of my incubators. I have the GQF Cabinet Incubator for almost 2 years, and used it about 10 times. It still works great and have been disinfected and cleaned. I have hatched around 200 chicks at one time in that thing. It has the water tub and the hatching tray for the bottom of the 'bator. Egg racks not available. Can ship or pick up. I have paypal.

It weighs 66 pounds, and its 30 1/2 inches long, 15 1/2 inches wide,
32 inches tall. The incubator maintains the temperature at where you want it, for an example- I set the temp at 99.9 for chickens,
and it will go down to 99.7 before heating back up to 99.9.



Thanks for looking.

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