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tony garza

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Feb 21, 2010
Cross Plains, Tx

I recently purchased a used GQF Sportsman and the matching brooder. I've put in the first batch of eggs and am noticing that the temps seem to swing a little bit. The humidity is pretty steady at 78% but the temps swing from 97 to 99. Will that much of a temp change affect the hatch? If it's bad news, it's a little too late. I'm supposed to transfer them over to the brooder next Tues. Oh well.........

thanks for all the replies in advance.

Tony Garza
the real problem is humidity being that high during the first 18 days. 40 to 45 percent first 18 days then 65 to 70 last three days. 97 to 99 temp should be ok. possible a day late hatching. you will get alot of different opinions on humidity. that just works for me. good luck

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