Gr-r-r-r-r Mites are back ! HELP !


11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
My OEGB hen I got back in march was heavly infected with them, and then she had an incident and we moved her to recovery coop where she still is. any way I went out a minute ago and I get mites crawling on my hand. What can I do to get rid of the little stinkers ! I washed every thing well and I guess I should oil her legs again. so frustrating. any help ?
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I would try dusting with Sevin or DE. Put it around the coop and sprinkle it around for the chickens to dust bathe in. Oiling the legs is for scaly leg mites ... doesn't sound like this is what you have, but not sure. Did you oil the perches too?

If you choose to use DE (Diametaceous Earth - that's not the exact spelling) make sure it is food grade. there are a couple of different kinds. some are safe for animals, some are safe for animals and humans, and one is not safe for either.

Hopefully others who are more experienced will confirm my advice ....
Well previously it was scaly leg because her legs were in really bad shape. her legs are a little better but not perfect we thought it was just old scales and that new ones would come. not sure if it is leg mites again dad just went to TSC hopefully he got there before they closed. he was going to see if they had this... I will put Vaseline or vegetable oil on her legs and perch just in case too though.
The TSC poultry dust is fine for the chicken. Vaseline, too. And DE in the coop. Make a whitewash of it and paint the coop as well. Repeat it all in 10-14 days. It should be a lot better by then, but you will have to keep at it a while longer. They are persistent little buggers. And wild birds will bring more. Just stay on it.
How about DE? I have been sprinkling it liberally in the nest box and roosting areas and it seems to have made a difference. Hens were avoiding these places, now are back to using them.

Also, maybe the gnat prevention will work for mites? I sprayed my hens with 50% vanilla in water and the gnats are gone and they are not picking and scratching frantically any more.

Hope this helps....
If your bird is infested, use Sevin dust. Shake some into a paper or plastic bag, put the birds body in the bag with the head OUTSIDE of the bag, hold the top of the bag around the bird's neck (while supporting the body inside the bag, of course) and shake shake shake. You will dust the bird without allowing them to inhale the product and this will absolutely take care of the mites. Our vet likes to call it "shake and bake". We also dust the perches and pen with DE to help keep our chicks bug-free. Best of luck, Lynn

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