Grab Bag/Hatchaholic Show Qual OEGB eggs, uncommon varieties


9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
Rome, GA
Up for auction is a variety of 8+ any extras all show quality (have all been shown, proven winners and placers no less than 4th best most 1sr, 2nd, 3rd, BV and RV too) Old English Game Bantams. I have some really nice birds not a ton of pics though. I live in GA so have shown at the Dalton Shows, Newnan, Jefferson, etc. My bators are slap full and I don't want to see these good eggs go to waste, there are show potential fertile eggs waiting to be incubated! Colors inclue- chocolate, fawn silver duckwing, fawn silver duckwing over black which produces chocolate, self blue, blue red sport, blue wheaton sport, spangle, quail (2nd best cock, 3rd best hen out of about 100 competitors), birchen, blue gold duckwing (these are top winners at last show). Eggs ship Mon-Wed at the latest as long as paypal is made by 2pm. I pack well and ship priority mail. We all know the risks with shipped eggs and I only replace eggs under extreme circimstances. Bid now, hens are a layin! Image is a blue red sport cockerel when he was about 5 mos old.

***They are laying like crazy so extras guaranteed!***
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Here are a few more pics:

Winning quail OEGB

Winning chocolate OEGB

Another blue red sport before he got dubbed
I absolutely love that blue red cockerel! He's beautiful and stunning! I've come back to this posting a few times contemplating placing a bid on your eggs. Gorgeous!
And I've got plenty of eggs from them too those blue red sports know what laying eggs is all about lol
Yes, I have. I've been doing ebay mostly and shipping to people who inquire on here or on ebay without the auction. I'm just getting geared up this year. No problems last year or this year. I have a waiting list for several breeds but my OE's are laying the best and I really need to move these eggs quick. I have enough to do one more 24 hr auction after this one and the one on ebay. I don't have room in my two bators for the next two weeks that's why I'm selling them, else I'd be hatching my own show birds.

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