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    Mar 7, 2009
    I live in the middle of 50 acres of milo. My kids have been collecting heads off of the ground and other seeds that did not get ran through the combine. Will my chickens eat this and if so how much is too much?
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    More than likely they will. I'm sure they'll have a ball doing it to. As for how much is too much? I dont know that there is a limit. Just make sure they have grit to help digest the grain.
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    Milo is a good grain for livestock and very much loved by pigeon people for their birds. Purdue says that it about comparable to corn.

    If these seed heads have been lying around on the ground since last year's harvest, they may be moldy by now. Moldy feed is not a good idea. In any case, I think you should follow the advice of most poultry specialists on scratch grain feeding and not give them more than 15% of their diet.

    . . . good savings.


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