Granny's gone and done it again


Oct 10, 2016
Southern Ohio
How adorable. They look so cozy.
Is your doe freakishly particularly small? Never seen baby have to do the limbo to nurse!

Jaw pain? I'm gonna fuss at you. :( Aspirin isn't enough. nag nag nag!
What was the guy delivering?

It's so frustrating. Sad thing is, they won't give her more help. They will put Tom in a nursing home. Neither of them want that.

Nice looking dogs! :D One of yours, h20?

It gave my grandma horrible hallucinations.
I had one shot in the backside during a long induced labor. I still felt all the contractions... just didn't care one bit.
Good luck at camp. Don't be too sad :hugs
She's short legged. Her body is normal sized.
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