Granny's gone and done it again


May 3, 2015
Morada, california
No her irises are still orange-ish... it is the pupil that is an opaque grey or whitish, giving her a dead look, and on closer inspection it isn't completely round. There is no paralysis.... I think she can see a little bit, but not clearly. In these pics, the pupil is not reflecting anything. The pics were taken in natural afternoon day light. She is molting and not taking very good care of herself. Not preening or dustbathing. She bumps into the other birds if not isolated and gets pecked, then self-isolates. I feel sad for her. She just seems lost, puzzled, bewildered. @azygous has suggested saline eye wash and antibiotic eye ointment (will be using neosporin original formula), which I will try for a while. Just wish I had a dx! The other chickens'eyes have a bright, glossy black pupil, not like hers at all. She looks like a zombie, my poor little Undead chicken. 😔

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Here in calif they will euthanize and do a necropsy for us at the state vet

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