Granny's gone and done it again


Free Ranging
Apr 23, 2015
Sunny SoCal
Oh I thought it was today.
Oh hey. An old multi quote ;)
How old is he? You don't want to expose him to too much just yet, do you? I mean not only socially but also until he's had all his shots, right?
I’m trying to walk a fine line between socialization and avoiding parvo exposure. Also, traveling makes things a lot more difficult. He’s had his first round of parvo shots, has round 2 in about a week...
Actually you need to expose your puppy to as many new people ,places and things. The first 12 weeks is crucial..
Yep. Fine line. He came to eat outside at a restaurant (brought a blanket for him to chill on) m He’s probably coming with me to work on Monday (half day), he’s coming out to the desert over Halloween, Regan’s going to be bringing the girls over when we’re back...

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