Granny's gone and done it again


May 3, 2015
Morada, california
Yeah, me too. Weird thing is if you increase the amount of fat you eat, stop eating most carbs and have moderate amounts of protein, your body metabolism changes. You go into ketosis and your body uses stored fat as your primary source of energy. It's how I have lost almost 45 lbs. I'm not hungry either.
The carbs, especially from grains and simple sugars, require insulin to digest and when your body gets excess carbs, which is often in our culture, your body can't use all that energy so it thriftily changes it into fat to save for leaner times.
Long term effects of this kind of diet are unclear, but for a few more months to keep losing weight so easily, I'm willing to risk it. H2o's blood test was great, so maybe it's not even a worry.
I am not worried. I was more worried about all my pain and my weight was getting higher. I also thought, obsessing about food all the time. Now I don’t eat until 4 pm. I do need to get more bone broth in


Oct 10, 2016
Southern Ohio
shew, close call. LOL Did I mention I had the best dinner ?
Alley, squee!! They are adorable. Chunky butts.
Thanks! Nellie & Tillie 🥰
I tried to upload pics of the new pup but gave up. I about never got the mini pics up. It kept canceling them in the late 90%

You know, you can have 6 mini horses in the place of one regular sized horse! :lol:
My #1son is in love with them because of this video of an
adorable foal.
Nooooo. 2 is plenty with everything else I got to take care of lol I love babies tho and that one is adorable

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