Granny's gone and done it again


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@twisted-acres-farm Twist, please accept my apology for my comments about mask wearing. This virus frankly has me very afraid. I'm at high risk and have a 14-yo grandkid I have to finish raising, who has nobody else. I don't know what would become of him if something happened to me. Frankly, if the doctors and scientists told me that eating garlic 6x/day and wearing chain-mail armor would increase my chances of survival by 10%, I would do that. I don't wish harm to people who don't wear masks, I just stay away from them, because of fear. We all need to remember that people are not the enemy, this virus is. Please forgive anything I said that was hurtful to you. 😢
I feel they want us to fear. Then as they chip away at our rights we are too scared to say no.


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Jan 12, 2019
To be honest, I don't really know myself. I the oldest 2 will be 9 this spring, I think. I got them as chicks the same spring I joined BYC. The youngest 4, I got in 2017. I can remember that because they started laying in my sister's backyard when we were evacuated the first time. All the others are somewhere in between.

Zinc and vit D3 both have antiviral properties. Good things to take.

This is part of the regime they sent my friend home with when they caught covid.


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This is part of the regime they sent my friend home with when they caught covid.
Yes, it's supposed to help as a preventative too. Doubt that it gives complete protection, but supposedly people don't get as severe a case.

My issue with the masks is that people put one on and think it's a protective talisman or something. Then they get right up in your personal space instead of keeping 6 away. Safest thing is to keep a big space and don't breathe anyone's air. The masks might be better than nothing, but not by much.

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Sure quiet around here tonight .... I don't know whether we need new chickens or not. Nobody is laying. Waiting to see if my year-old EEs are going to start laying again or not. By the time they decide, I will be way behind as far as starting on my next batch of layers. 🙁. I got BA at the beginning of March last year. I figured they would be laying like crazy by now but they seem to be taking the winter off. How often do y'all start new flocks?
supplemental lighting.

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