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May 3, 2015
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Just normal old people meds. BP..Celexa, very small amount. Ferricon...helps keep me from needing iron shots. I have Fibromyalgia. Didn't know what to think of it when first diagnosed, but can see that there's something to it. Some Drs..line this latest Neurologist thinks I am having problems because of that. I have white matter in my brain. Another neurologist thought possible MS. Slow going through the years. I have to have my two last MRI's compared. Will get that done next.
Hmm. Brain stuff is hard. They have no idea what do for my narcolepsy or why it is. I don’t have the genetic kind. I believe I was over vaccinated with the hep b. Shot when I worked at the hospital.


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My Coop
I do use one! But I just like to add extra ingredients or take out ingredients too often. :(

I am bad with following a recipe. 😅
That can be bad for baking! Baking is like chemistry-- the proportions have to be correct.

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