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Apr 11, 2010
well I got part 1 watched before Robert changed the channel and hid the remote. So I got my shower and ready for dentist tomorrow. I sure dread that trip. It gives me a lot of pain. Seems like thats just the story of me lately. Pain and more pain. Getting pretty tired of it.
I said a prayer or two for you. Hope the dentist..and ride..goes well. I'm about to go for my test. Let us know how you did...are doing...

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Sep 26, 2013
madison Indiana
If it's warm when you plant, they may just run up & flower/go to seed, I sent you enough seeds to plant in your pots now & then the hole in the ground in early spring/march.
thank you Jane. Im looking forward to that. I have all but one fish caught out of that pond and Im not worried about it so much. Didnt figure I would catch them all and I already told Robert and Kevin about pulling the pond up and adding the dirt from the pots there.

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