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Mar 9, 2009
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I got the call from great Grandma today that the concord grapes were ready to pick. I got almost ten gallons of grapes picked and am in the process of making them into juice to put in the freezer. Some juice will be made into jelly later this fall when I have time, but the rest will be thawed for us to drink.
The juice straight up is too potent to drink alone, it needs water added and a bit of sugar for our taste. Does anyone have a "recipe" that says how many cups of homemade grape juice + how much water to make a how many ounces of drinkable juice? I want to freeze the rest of the juice in amounts so I can just thaw, pour and mix without have extra juice left over. Thanks.
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I used about a pint of juice to almost a half gallon of water then added the sugar just sweetened it to taste. you can freeze it concentrated then when you go to use it add your water and sugar then. just like the stuff in the store but better.I used about a half cup to a half gallon and it was real sweet
Thanks---just the info I was looking for so I could freeze the grape juice in the right amounts.
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I just saw a recipe for the concentrated stuff in the Mother Earth Magazine for Aug/Sept!

That way you can can it jars, and one jar mixed with water makes your juice. I gotta find it.... hold on.... ok found 38

Simple measure 2 cups of whole stemmed grapes into a quart jar, add cup sugar, fill container with boiling water and process in water bath for 10 minutes. After 6 weeks, (I would assume not that long)strain out the liquid and dilute with water into a 2 quart container for ready to drink grape juice.

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