10 Years
Aug 6, 2009
Are grapes ok for a chicken to eat on a daily basis? I know they are safe to eat, but she loves them so much I was wondering if they were only alright in moderation, or if she can have a few every day with her slalad. She's an indoor chicken, so she doesn't technically free rage, I forage and bring to her..... she's the queen

Mine looove grapes! But for best effect you really should have at least 5 chickens so you can watch Grape Rugby. That's when you throw the grapes in one at a time and there is a mad rush, one gets the grape, then another grabs it, then the third takes off with the bulk of it. Then the grape is gone, and all eyes are on you for the next one!
That's where mine will head first, the grape arbor. I never knew chickens could jump so high. There is one smartie, she uses the little bench to get herself up higher. I call them the clean up crew
I'm looking for vines to grow over my coop and am reading on various types of grapes to raise in S. CO. Sounds like girls will enjoy them and it won't be an issue if they eat them everyday, though I'll have to protect the plants when they're small. Anything else I should be wary of before I plant?
just make sure you get some that are designed for your growing zone.
concords are very common.

if you are going to plant them in the run, you will have to protect the roots from getting undermined by dirt dusting chickens..


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