Graphic Pics- Wing Amputation Advise?


May 21, 2018
Near Jackson, CA
He looks so great! And you can't even really see his stump very much when he's walking around, looks like the feathers are covering it up well. Glad to hear no one is messing with it. I'm sure he'll come into his own soon! How old is he now?
Almost 5 months, and seriously the coolest rooster I've owned. I still have three of his brothers, all of which are hen crazy, crowing, and try to corral me every chance they get. Raptor is super chill with sitting in my lap, eating meal worms while he watches his girls lol. Apparently coddling him for 3 months was the best behavior therapy, hes totally my buddy :)


Guess it's just you and me, chicken hat
May 25, 2015
Western Washington
It's been exactly 3 months since Mr. Raptor was injured, and he's doing awesome :))
He took his pouch off on his own about two weeks ago, and he seemed more comfortable, so I've left it alone. Occasionally I'll bluekote the stump if it looks like somebody pecked it, but now his feathers are really coming in so it's mostly hidden.
He does walk with a slight limp, and I've thoroughly checked him out, I think he's just a little imbalanced. He can run and hop easily, and he has a following of young hens that sleep in the lower nesting boxes alongside him (because he can't roost). I put in steps to the roosting bar so he could join the others, and I put in a lower-level branch he can easily hop onto, but he prefers to sit in a box lol.
He still has scabs healing where the stump pokes out a bit, blukote helps but he really hates it lol. Theres a "thumb" (maybe cartilage?) that has been growing on the end of the stump for a month now, at first I thought maybe it was an ingrown feather, but it's not red, warm, 0 signs of infection, I'm not sure if cartilage or bone can regrow to some extent? It's hard and unmovable. I'm keeping a close eye on it, see below :)
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Missed catching up on this thread, but this sure is amazing. He's gorgeous. Can't even tell he's got a delicious hot wing under there ;)
Truly an inspiring story of recovery --- thanks for sharing it with us. He's a real survivor!
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