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Aug 7, 2009
We had a predator in our yard last night. We are in Central AZ. semi rural/ farming but neighborhood. I have seen coyotes, we are less than 2 miles from a state mountain park that is known or bobcats.
1 chicken was completely ate, shredded. All that was left was the head, feathers, feet and intestines.
1 is sign.
What do you think?
Also any advice for what to do for our Rooster who has been crowing since is now 2pm. He seems lost, like he is calling for them.
We have 2 babies we brought in and 6 eggs. Hopefully they will live.
We have them cooped usually but it was late when we came in last night and we couldn't catch them. Usually they hide in our boat or under the tack barn. They got caught anyways.
Thank you for any tips and advice.
We are very distraught these were our original girls. Barely a year old. So sad...
I am very sorry. Is your run secure? I would try keeping them in the coop at night. it might be a raccoon that took your chickens.
The barn door broke from a recent rain storm. I didn't realize the latch was broke so whatever ate it waltzed right in for dinner. I have never seen raccoons. Do they leave signs? I know we have coyotes I have seen them in early am and heard them at dusk. We are close to bobcats. From what I read bobcats and coyotes usually make off with their kill. Raccoons eat and leave the leftovers? Is that correct? One was ate disappeared.
I am not sure. Coyotes drag away the intestines and bobcats will try and cover the kill with litter. Pet Cats will tend to be very messy eaters and leave the leftovers over several square yards. Try keeping them in the coop at night, making sure the run and coop are secure and not letting them free roam without supervision. Maybe talk to animal control to see if you could have them try and trap the animal and relocate it. Or you could put up a fence. Best of luck!
Thank you! I will call animal control tomorrow and ask my neighbors if they saw anything. I am usually a light sleeper but for some reason I was out cold last night and didn't hear the neighbors animals or anything. Maybe it was a local cat? She was all across about a half of an acre of yard. I guess it is time for a coop of their own so they are not just "in the barn" We just moved in Dec. The barn was fine before. But I guess not here at the new property. The whole yard is fenced with 6ft chain link...2+ acres. They are just in the back 1+ acre. So I guess I haven't been careful enough... Poor babies had to suffer for my mistakes. I am just sick over this. It isn't our first chicken loss but this one REALLY bothers me because of the destruction of them. We have had one eat poisonous mushrooms. Had our dog strangle two. And one baby drowned. So the kids get that sometimes they die. This was just horrific to me. Praying I don't dream of it tonight!
Good idea. Traps would probably work but you would need a variety because it could be raccoons, bobcats or coyotes. best of luck
So what do I ask Animal control for some and use raw chicken as bate? I can not do a live one. How does that work? Wonder what is legal in AZ. Will look into it. Thank you.
watch for skunks they killed six of my chicken once
i saw it attacking them and scared it away but it already killed six or so
Traps are for learning what you are dealing with. A few might be needed, but go with the most likely ones to start.
Let the AC folks guide your efforts.

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