(GRAPHIC) raccoon attack after care help


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Attack happened 9/22 between 12 am and 5am ish

Had chickens for 3 years and a raccoon finally got into the coup. It took me an hour to find out how it got in but I will repair it later. I only have 3 chickens left and of those 2 are severely wounded. I do not have $ to take them to the vet as I am currently in between jobs. Each hen is in its own dog crate in the garage, they are all very close so they are able to talk to one another and see each other. I take them outside and watch them so they can get some fresh air and they do not peck at each other's wounds though they have closely looked at each other's wounds. I keep them separate just cause its the right thing to do otherwise.

Cruella (my polish) Is missing almost her entire upper beak. I can't tell how bad it is. There is no blood and her nostrils are intact. I use a dropper to give her water but I'm needing to know what the odds are for her with her beak mostly gone. She does nap (she is an older hen only laying once every 3 days) her right eye is closed and she wont open it. I want to try to give her a few days before jumping the gun to put her down. I did put a little proxide on the end of it (i know its way harsh) but infection from raccoons is my worst fear. she still has her full tongue. Though the bottom looks damaged it is intact. She does have very large nostrils and though it doesn't look it, they are not effected but the beak is missing up to the start of the nostrils.

The only thing that was eaten on the dead chickens were the heads. I have placed a live trap in the coup but nothing has returned yet despite the tuna in it.

Peepers is still eating on her own and drinking on her own. Yellow runny poop all over her hind end. The back of her skull is almost exposed, she has lost quite a bit of flesh. Again i cleaned it with some proxide and rubbing alcohol to clean it before applying neosporine. She is active in the backyard but does seem a little... off and misses her food occasionally. The dark spots are some feathers not fresh blood. Sorry it was blurry she kept trying to escape her crate while I took photos. A lot of "yellow" flesh. She laid an egg in the crate yesterday and is again still eating and drinking. she seems a little disoriented but overall doing better than Cruella. There is so much flesh missing that I can't sew it.

Thank you for reading I'm open to any replies I'm no doctor so I certainly don't know everything. I just don't want to use proxide or alcohol on them any further and its too harsh but i'm worried if i put ointment on the wound it will trap bacteria? again any words are appreciated. I've never had something like this happen in my years of raising chickens (where they survived to need care so to speak)
Wow, poor girls! Honestly dont know what to do for the first girl, poor baby. Have had no experience with beak injuries. As for the other girl, you can use triple antibiotic cream on her wounds. I would suggest Blue Kote. Its a spray that has antiseptic in it and also turns the exposed wound blue/purple, so that the chicken/other chickens wont pick at them. you may want to think about putting them both on an antibiotic, to help ward off infection.I believe the yellow flesh you are seeing is actually the fat layer. I had a hen attacked by a hawk, peeled her entire back , feathers and all. Huge open wound, but she survived! I really hope someone with experience with beak injuries replies to your post! Good luck to you!
That is so horrible I don't even know where to start.
Until someone else is able to help you who has dealt with beaks, I found this info on beaks.

On the head injury here is a good link
It has info for electrolytes, which both hens will need if not eating and ointments. Soupy abnormal poops are normal for hens who have not eaten and are stressed. Wound care without going to vet can be found at local store human products, but likely you will need to go to a feed store. Don't panic on price. Most of the feed store stuff is not that expensive. Find the most informed manager or helper at the feed store, tell them your situation and get their help in finding what you need. Make a list and write the products down ahead of time.
For topical, I have had good experience with this product Vetericyn, because of location of wound and hard to soak and wash or triple antibiotic cream non-pain relief.

What you'll need is found in the forums above, take notes, or perhaps someone will comment on here with a short list provided for you to go to store. Do not use hydrogin peroxide. It destroys healing tissue. Use saline solution for washing, DO NOT use any kind that has numbing or pain relief. Not good for chicken. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Simply-Saline-Anti-Bacterial-Wound-Wash-3-oz/17325301.

You ARE going to need antibiotics for a nasty animal bite. I think you can get penicillin for a chicken at a feed store, I'm not sure. Someone help me out here and comment please? You will need injectable (oral not as effective). Inject in the muscle toward the front right in the breast about 1/2" from breast bone.
I would clean their wounds and put antibiotic ointment on the 2nd one. Maybe even some blue kote. I don't know what to do about the first one except put the ointment on her eye.
Sorry about your chickens.
Hopefully an expert will give you some more info about the beak. Extra protein in their diet and vitamins would help with healing also.
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Thank you so much for all the links i will call the feed stores in the am and see what all they carry for sure! I will def see about some penicillin shots for them raccoons are nasty critters i'm very sad i had my phone set up to alert me if anyone replied as i was going to try to go to the store earlier as soon as i got some info but technology doesn't always work. I will let you all know how it goes. Cruella really doesn't want to eat I'm going to attempt to feed her some oatmeal in the morning. :(
Were you able to super glue any of the beak back?
Sounds like this must be done in order to protect the live flesh underneath and keep germs out to give the beak a chance to grow back.
I am curious if fingernail polish would work or combo with super glue, or at least the brush from the polish along with any type of mesh or whatever they use to repair broken nails at a manicure? If so, I'd use black or dark polish so if you do have the hens together, later, she would be less apt to get pecked.
3rd thread posted in my last forum, said the beak does not need to be glued straight back, do not force it, just get it as close to normal and then glue. Don't want to force anything and break it off or crack it more.
The 3rd thread was very interesting. I actually got through the whole thing, but was disappointed in no final photo posted.
She said her chick did well with scrambled eggs and jarred soft baby food, but had to hand feed and water electrolytes for quite some time, but you probably already know this from reading it too.
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No the raccoon ate the beak as I looked all over the coup for it... and to make sure I didn't miss any of the heads when i picked up the dead... I went and got the antibiotics and pedia lite they are doing a bit better I fed cruella with a little dropper some soup broth and pediacare/ They were wanting to stretch their legs a little I sat outside with them for a bit but its still to early to tell. Peepers laid another egg in her crate (i think this is a good sign) I start their antibiotics in the am her lower beak is still there its going to be a tough run idk if it will grow back if not I will make her a resin beak once it is healed and glue it to her. I check on her daily so if it were to ever come off I would just make her another one and she wouldn't starve in between if it does come off? has anyone ever done this?

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