Gravity fed Watering system for 20 hens in HOT weather

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    Hello all,

    I am looking for a system to install that will also function well if we are away for a couple of weeks. My neighbors will be checking the girls every other day, if not every day. For the sake of the hens, the neighbors, and myself, I want a system that will keep the water clean! I've seen a cup system on McMurray Hatchery site that has 2 cups and claims to provide for up to 25 hens!!???
    Then there is the Chicken Fountain. I"m not sure if that can be gravity fed.

    I have not had good luck getting pvc lined up exactly using primer and cement, so I don't want to do this myself! The bucket waterers that I can make don't hold enough water!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    A water closet makes a good reservoir for a gravity fed water system and as long as you have the filler valve properly set and installed to the water system then you can theoretically be gone all Summer long and your chickens will always have clean fresh h2o on tap. If you will set up the seat it'll make a good place for you to set while you watch your chickens do the things that chickens do. Anyone who asks what the toilet is doing there tell your friends that your chickens are so smart that you are potty training them.

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