Great Customer Service

James Huffman

Jun 16, 2017
I have read a lot in the reviews about quality birds, breeds and breeders. I am not an expert on birds. As a matter of fact, I know almost nothing about birds. I do know about customer service.
I ordered a number of chicks for my wife's father for Fathers Day. The order was delivered to my wife's father, who lost eight assorted chicks within the first two days. My wife contacted Cackle Hatchery and reported the lose of the chicks. Instead of receiving the expected, "You must have done something wrong," or "you must jump through the following hoops." My wife received the following response, " I am sorry. Do you know what chicks you lost?" My wife told the individual that she did not know and would prefer that the replacement be of one of the specific types ordered.
We received the replacement birds within a week and in time for Fathers Day.

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