Great Danes Anyone?

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  1. Hi, There are so many knowledgeable dog people here.

    Anyone here with Great Danes or with solid knowledge about them?


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    I know that I've never personally met an aggressive one. I also know that they don't live as long as most other breeds (they rarely make it into the double digits) and they are prone to bloat, dysplasia, osteosarcoma, and several other cancers. My vet used to own Great Danes, and she calls them a "heartbreak" breed because they just don't have the life expectancy of most dogs and they can get some pretty serious illnesses in their old age (which would be more like middle age for most other breeds). I think they're gorgeous and I really admire them, but I don't think I would ever own one because of the health problems common in the breed.
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    Having known two highly aggressive ones that came from backyard breeders looking to breed for color only (Mantle and Harlequin) definitely research for good breeders that health test and take temperament into consideration. Good luck with your search. :)
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    We've owned danes and mastiffs for going on 18 years now. One of the best online resources for all things great dane is
  5. Thanks guys for some info.

    I know the giant breeds break your heart by dying too soon. That's why I have 2 Mastiffs. I just was thinking about a Great Dane as I have admired them for years.

    I see a lot are of the Euro bloodlines but to me the Euro look is rather course. I don't want a refined Dane of course but I don't want to look at droopy haws either.

    Ah,who knows...maybe another Mastiff if any.
  6. I had a great dane years ago and for there size they make a great house dog. They are very graceful. Mine would like to sleep on the counter in the laundry room because there was a window she could look out and keep guard. She just jump right up there like magic never knocking anything over. They are very gentle with children mine never knocked over small people like the boxers I have now will. The only drawback is their lifespan is short. I miss mine
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    I have bred, trained, shown GDs for 35 years. I'd be happy to help you.

    Firstly, there are tons of really slick websites out there. I would say if someone advertises Euro, run!

    If you know the dog's kennel name (such as mine is Coleridge), you can check at to actually verify if the health tests they claim to have are true.

    Well-bred danes, from health-tested ancestors & parents, usually live a much longer & healthier lives. We've had many who lived for 11-14 years. A good breeder will charge more, but in the end you'll save 10x the price in vet bills.

    You can see my danes at

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    I have two sister Danes. They are wonderful dogs but they are not for everyone. They need quite a bit of room and if not properly trained can easily accidentally hurt one.
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    My friends family breeds Great Danes. He says they make wonderful but will eat you out of house and home! (Though you probably know that with two Mastiffs :p)
    Actually he told be that the Dane crosses are even better (if you can find them at a shelter or something) Because they tend to be less prone to the the ailments Great Danes have
    Good luck with your search :)
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    LOVE danes, grew up with a deafie, fostered deafies while i lived in CT and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to bring a dane into my life now (im sure my ambuldog x corso boy would love a "his sized" playmate too)

    i have known a few same sex agressive danes, i think like with all mastiffs its something to keep in mind, ive met a few fear reactive danes while doing rescue (they have no idea there as big as they are and when undersocilized or abused...the 2 can combine into a pretty dangerous dog if your not carefull) but MOST can be worked through it.
    Back yard breding has done a nmber on the breed, BUT there generally easy to spot.

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