Great hatch rate of 94%!!!


7 Years
Dec 2, 2012
Winton, California
I built an incubator out of an old mini-fridge and it works great. I put 39 eggs in the other day from my hens and on day 18 removed the 4 that weren't fertile. of the remaining 35, 33 hatched and 31 of those survived ( i had a couple with bad legs that could never stand and died a couple days later) But i am thrilled that the incubator works so well i followed the cooler-bator instructions modifying very little. If anyone wants photos let me know and i will get some.

the first 23 of the 33 that hathced. Cross bred chicks are so fun to hatch. they are so diverse in coloring and patterns.
Great news...congrats. Post a couple pics of it. I have been thinking of doing something similar with the fridge my daughter will be bringing home from school.
Woo Hoo. Good for you.
I built a huge one last year but hatch rates have been a bit disappointing. A lot of shipped eggs, some stale eggs and winter fertility issues. Rates are getting better every time though.

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