GREAT NEWS in Montgomery County, MD!

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    They have not changed. Still 25’ set back and 100’ from neighbors.. with many of the council members now forced out due to recent term limits imposed upon them, many were not in the mood to entertain changing chicken ordinances due to them running for another office. I am waiting for the next crew to be voted in (and a bit more progressive in their thinking) and will start reaching out to them to get the ball going.

    However, the county lawyer did write a letter stating that moveable, wheeled, coops are not considered an accessory structure and do not count in regards to the code. So as long as you don’t get a rooster, pick up you poop to prevent smell, and share eggs with neighbors then you will be ok. I eventually even let each house name a chick so they could see the eggs from their babies.
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    Jul 3, 2018

    Awesome news! Thank you for posting this! I live in Taneytown, MD and this is great to know that a surrounding county has updated their regulation! It will help me in gathering more evidence for backyard chickens.
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    :celebrate:wee:ya:clap:thumbsup:highfive:Well done
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    FYI -

    I found this Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services website regarding "Backyard Chickens":

    It contains the following information:

    Zoning information
    • The zoning ordinance does not prohibit the keeping of chickens; however, does prohibit Roosters.
    • The zoning ordinance does regulate placement of chicken coops: In Montgomery County any accessory building or structure used for the housing, shelter, or sale of animals or fowl other than a household pet must be a minimum of 25' from a lot line and a minimum of 100' from a dwelling on another lot. The structure must be in the rear yard.
    • Be sure to check with Animal Control regarding regulations as it pertains to chickens.

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