Great pen for when they're "in between" outside and brooder


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
This may not work for everyone, but I have 31 chicks (all but 6 by accident) and they are 3 weeks old. We do not have a coop built yet plus the weather has been really nasty.

Anyway, they got too big for the tote brooder I had them in so I went to Farm & Fleet and bought a canvas play pen made for small dogs. It has screen windows all around it as well as a screen zip top and a canvas bottom that velcros in for easy cleaning. I did put a tarp on the bottom as well for extra protection because I had them in my house.

Anyway, it works great. I even take it outside without the bottom so they can be in the yard and enjoy the grass and dirt (Boy do they LOVE the dirt). I just remove the bottom and place some rocks on the edges so it don't blow away or they can't get under it.

Another nice thing about it is it's easy to clean. Being canvas, I just hose it down and use a srub brush. If I can figure out to put pictures on here I will.

Just an ideas for anyone with babies old enough to be out from a heat lamp but still too young for a coop. Or even for someone who doesn't have "free range" but want s them to have a different view......LOL

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