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  1. MommaDuck

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Hello I am new here. We recently got some ducklings. Two Pekins. We have thought about getting LSG. I have done a small bit of research and I like GP's Some people down the road from us have some and they are usually hanging out along the roadside. Does it matter if the dog is male or female? Will one gender protect better? Also I normally like to rescue an older dog, puppies are just so much of a handfull. But I also think that maybe a puppy raised with the ducks would do better than bringing a full grown dog that may not have been raised with ducks or other small pets home. Also I have looked(to see how available they are in my area) an saw a couple on CL near me and on petfinder they are much farther away.
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    Dec 22, 2009
    Any dog breed can be properly trained to protect your birds. I personally find that males protect the "Land" better while females protect the actual creatures in there territory better. This is just my personal opinion. Also Welcome to BYC!
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    Two ducklings that is very little....God forbid if something happen to one, the other one will be so devastated!

    If you chose puppy it will take up to 6 months of supervision. If you chose adult dog, you must be sure that he/she was accustomed and actually guarded birds including small fowls.
    That is not likely to happen. I tell you why:
    TRAINED Adult LGD cost +- $1,000
    Not trained, is given away for a reason. Most likely bad reasons, that you don't want to try.

    Yes, I agree that females tend to be more domiciled and exhibiting maternal behavior toward little beings.
  4. MommaDuck

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Yeah that would be hard on the one left behind. We are first time duck owners and want to start small and not get in over our heads :) I would like yo get a couple more eventually. I am interested in Cayuga's then as a second choice Rouens.

    That is what I am afraid of when it comes to an older dog. One I saw on CL in the pic it was on a chain. I know that being tied up all the time(this dog may not have been but probably was) can make a dog aggressive. We also have small children, a Pomeranian and cats.
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    Jan 17, 2011
    That's what I was wondering. You are going to get a $1000 dog to guard a few $10 birds?? It would be cheaper to build them a good enclosure.
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    Mar 31, 2008
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    I'd suggest you get a dog from a pound, and NOT one of the LGD breeds if you don't actually have livestock such as sheep or goats, and intend to keep the dogs CONTAINED at all times.

    No reputable LGD breeder would sell you a dog for what you want

    They don't make good pets or "yard dogs", and should never be left to run free.

    They are considered "puppies" until they are two years old, but can weigh 100 lbs when 6 months old.

    Don't buy a a GP because they are cute and fluffy
    Only get that type of animal if you have a REAL need

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